The Start Of Something New

Hello Mirror Mosaic friends! It is I, your faithful screamer and headbanger, Riley. I have felt the urge to start a mini blog of my own for you guys. Nothing crazy. Just how I am feeling, how the guys are feeling, what we are doing, how we are doing, the whole hoopla. We have been quiet for a long time. We are done with that. It's time to be loud. We have so much planned and we want you involved! We need your support and your accountability. What does that even mean though? We want you to challenge us. Ask for things. Ask for music. Ask for us to play in your area. Ask when our next show is. I know I feel lost at it sometimes. With all of us working full time, it's easy to let life burn us out. From my side, juggling friendships, work, social life, money, and all the things life throws out there, gets so daunting. It's nothing new to the human struggle. It makes the mission hard sometimes. But, with your challenge and your support, I feel fueled to push on. When I see someone comment on our Facebook status, asking us to play in their area, I want to make it happen! When someone ask for new music, I want to write it! It's inspiring! I want to start something called the "Weekly Challenge". If you are reading this, I want you to challenge us on Facebook. Direct post on our page asking "When will you guys have new music?" We will respond! Thank you guys for the support. WE need it. WE love it. WE want to move forward on this journey. Love all of you. Until next time!

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