Business Busyness (Part 1)

How the days fly by! It is I your friendly neighborhood headbanger and stage spaz, Riley. Tax season is upon us! I feel like I literally just filed my taxes! I had to take a break from taxes as we speak. I realized the blog had been neglected and wanted to update you guys on what's happening in our lives. It's been a roller coaster of emotions. We have had family crisis, body aliments, and just plain exhaustion. Still, that doesn't mean we have been idle. We have been busy doing that lame business stuff. We got a DBA and a bank account! Still we want more out of ourselves. How do we work a full time gig into a full time life? It's all about process and vision. What are the next steps and how do we get there? Guess what? I'm gonna tell you. Only because you took the time to read this blog. Here is the vision and goals we have in mind for this year. As you know, we have finished and released our single. This was totally just a taste of what's to come. Just a smell of this cheesy mac we are stirring. Next on our list is a week retreat to write new music. We have in the works a place, with no sound restrictions, that we will brainstorm and hash out new music. We work best together. Always have, always will. We will bathe our minds in music, brotherhood, food, and relaxation. Relaxation you say? YES! We have been so busy with our lives, that we have forgotten how to just be dudes. I may be speaking for myself, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not. Movie nights, game tournies, and maybe some sort of food related competitions. How is that productive you say? That's just how music works fam. When our minds are free to wander and be empty, that's when they find music. I have been so mechanical of late, that I need the time to reconnected to music. Not mention our location is beautiful. I mean, waking up to the sunrise over a river is enough to inspire alone! Now all that remains, is for me to get surgery and get off of work. This is only one tiny piece in our plan. Stay tuned for what's next! (I don't want to make you guys read a novel haha!) Weekly challenge! If you read this (Duh), type Giant Ocotopus on any of our status! Love you guys!

-Riley and the Guys

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